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If you have suffered an injury or been involved in an accident it is important to take immediate actions to protect your rights and ability to recover financially for your losses. Call me for free on my cell phone to learn how I help those who are injured in Kentucky and Indiana to receive fair compensation for what has happened to them.

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Hello, my name is Jim Desmond and for more than 20 years I’ve helped people who suffered injury in a car wreck, truck accident or motorcycle crash. I also represent the families of those who have suffered the loss of a family member in a fatal accident. Based in Louisville, I handle accident, injury and wrongful death cases in Kentucky and Indiana.

You may not realize why you need an attorney, especially if you don’t feel like you were seriously injured. I can tell you after decades of helping injury victims, many symptoms don’t show up for weeks and in some cases months. What is important immediately after an accident is to seek legal guidance and a medical check-up, even if you eventually want to handle things on your own.

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What Should You Do After an Accident?

My name is Jim Desmond, and as an injury attorney I help people who are injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. It is important to be represented by an experienced accident and injury lawyer who will hold those who hurt you financially accountable. What should you do immediately after an accident?

No one leaves their home expecting to be involved in an accident. What should you do immediately afterward if you are able? Take pictures of the cars, where they are located and the license plate of the car who caused the accident. Take photos of any injuries you may have. A picture is worth a thousand words. Most importantly, even if you don't believe you are injured enough to go to a hospital, see your family doctor within 24 hours of the accident. Many injuries take weeks or even months to fully develop. If you do not see a doctor immediately after the accident you may not be able to recover for injuries that develop in the next few weeks.

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Car Wreck & Injury Attorney

An individual who has been injured in an automobile accident may be able to seek monetary compensation for injuries and damages. Cases are fact specific, typically with complex issues of proof and fault in dispute. Working with experienced injury lawyer, Jim Desmond, handling car wrecks in both Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana, will help you sort out your legal options.

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Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to injuries when involved in a motor vehicle accident with a larger vehicle such as a car, SUV or truck. Car crashes cause greater personal injury to a motorcyclist simply because they are completely exposed to the impact of the car crash. Without the protection of a vehicle exterior or automobile airbag, the chances are substantially increased that the injuries can result in surgery, brain damage, broken bones or death.

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Resource Library

I have authored several books that are FREE to you. Just text your mailing address to me at 502-609-7657 and I am happy to send you a FREE copy. No catch or gimmick! Just free information by an experienced attorney trying to make sure you are an informed consumer. Better yet! Just text me your question and I will see if I can help you.

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

Commercial tractor trailers or semi trucks can weigh more than 40 tons, resulting in much longer slowing and braking times. Accidents involving these trucks can be devastating, especially when the other vehicle is a car or motorcycle. Catastrophic injuries, extensive property damage and even death can occur as a result of a serious car wreck. Victims of trucking accidents in Kentucky or Indiana need legal representation that seeks to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

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Wrongful Death Attorney

Both Indiana and Kentucky have what is known as wrongful death laws. However, while I have listed the relevant Indiana or Kentucky Statute in the follow page, the application of these laws tends to be fact specific and cannot be addressed in a website. Nevertheless, automobile accidents involving wrongful death illustrate a great unfairness of the law.

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Personal Injury Attorney

People in Kentucky and Indiana sustain serious injuries every day at work, through slip and falls, negligence of contractors or automobile accidents. No matter what the circumstances are, you need direct immediate legal advice from an experienced personal injury law.

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I GET IT! I understand that if you have been injured in a car wreck, you don’t know what to do!

You have friends telling you to contact their attorney, insurance companies telling you don’t need a lawyer and twenty injury attorneys on television promising you checks.

This is why you can reach me on my call phone, NOW! 502-609-7657