When Insurance Totals Your Car

  In a recent blog post I started talking about some of the issues that come up when your car is damaged in a car wreck.  However, the one issue I did not get to is when the insurance company tells you that your vehicle is totaled or a total loss. So, what happens when insurance totals your car? … Continued

Using Collision Coverage

As a personal injury lawyer, I preach a lot about getting your medical bills paid and recovering your claim for pain and suffering from the insurance company for the at-fault driver. However, what about the damage to your car? What does my collision coverage actually cover?  What about a rental car? Who is going to … Continued

Switzerland County Indiana Motorcycle Accident

Our local news station, WDRB, reported today about an Indiana motorcycle accident in Switzerland County.  There were two people on the motorcycle.  The driver was fatally injured and the passenger sustained injuries serious enough to be flown to a Cincinnati hospital. The motorcyclist ran into a deer on State Road 156.  The Harley-Davidson then crossed … Continued

U2 is playing in Louisville

The iconic band U2 is playing in Louisville, tonight, at Papa John’s Stadium.  The band’s Joshua Tree Tour 2017 will certainly be a huge event.  It’s also the first time U2 has done a stadium concert in Kentucky.  So why would a Louisville injury attorney write a post about this?  There’s an interesting connection that … Continued

Desmond Among Top Accident Attorneys

I’ll admit it, once in a while, it’s nice to be recognized for doing good work.  I received notification that a company called “Expertise” recently reviewed 153 car accident attorneys in Louisville.  The Desmond Law Office ranked among the top. The criteria was based on: Reputation Credibility Experience Availability Professionalism I’ve always tried to do … Continued

Passengers Injured on a Motorcycle

As an experienced Kentucky and Indiana personal injury attorney I can tell you passengers injured on a motorcycle typically have a personal injury claim against the motorcycle rider or the other vehicle that hit the motorcycle.  Motorcycle accidents happen quickly and usually result in serious injuries since there is less protection than a car.  A … Continued

Car Accidents at Intersections Result in Many Serious Injuries

Car accidents at intersections often result in more serious and sometimes fatal injuries.  Most people may think the most dangerous and serious accidents occur on two lane rural highways, and they would be right.  Recent car crash data tells us a new trend is developing.  Why are accidents in an intersection more dangerous? One reason … Continued

KY Memorial Day Accidents

In Kentucky, holidays usually mean 3-day weekends and a possible road trip.  We have one coming up on Monday.  Unfortunately, with all of the drivers on our roads, we also have a high likelihood of Memorial Day accidents. There are reasons why holidays can spike the number of automobile collisions and even traffic fatalities.  It … Continued

I GET IT! I understand that if you have been injured in a car wreck, you don’t know what to do!

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