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Have you or someone you love been injured in a car accident around Louisville Kentucky or New Albany Indiana?  My name is Jim Desmond, and I am a personal injury attorney who helps those who are injured in a car wreck due to someone else’s actions.  I get it – you weren’t expecting to be involved in a car crash or to suffer injuries when you left the house.  However, car accidents happen every day and as a personal injury lawyer that focuses on automobile accidents, I deal with them every day.

Now, your whole life has changed in a moment and you are hearing from an insurance company that they may not pay all of your damages.  What? Why? That makes no sense you think because you did nothing wrong and the car wreck was not your fault. Further, the jerk that caused the automobile accident is underinsured or has no insurance at all? How can that be? And why should I have to involve my own insurance company to pay my medical bills?

I am not trying to scare you with these points but rather, make it clear that these are issues I deal with every day as a car accident lawyer. The law endeavors to be fair but it does not always succeed. This is why these questions that seem crazy at first glance,  occur regularly when you are dealing with a personal injury claim from a Kentucky or Indiana car accident.

The first and most important thing is to seek medical attention, even if you think you aren’t injured.  I know, you want to tell yourself and those you love you’re ok, you’re just a little banged up.  However, you are not a doctor, and the reality is probably quite different.  I am not encouraging medical treatment if you don’t need it.  However, I am encouraging you to get checked out and make sure your doctor has a say in whether treatment is needed.

The forces involved in a car accident are quite strong, and your body lurched forward and backward, or from side to side if your car was hit in the driver’s door or passenger’s door.  This is especially true if a tractor trailer or commercial truck was involved, or if you were on a motorcycle.  You may think its only bumps and bruises, but a few weeks from now you’ll be hurting in back, neck and torso in ways you can’t imagine today.

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I invite you to call me on my cell phone at 502-609-7657 for a free consultation.  I’ll help you to know what to expect, how to handle the claim on your car and what to expect regarding compensation for your injuries.

I’ll help you to know what to expect, how to handle the claim on your car and what to expect regarding compensation for your injuries.  I’ll help you to understand the settlement process and why the insurance adjuster is in such a hurry to get this settled.  It is not in your best interests to settle this quickly.  You only get one chance to recover all of the costs for what has happened and all the treatment and lost wages you’ll miss in the future.  They don’t pay for things as you go, there is one settlement and it needs to cover everything you’ll need and all the costs you’ll have in the future.  That’s why it is so important to talk to an experienced injury attorney after an accident.

Why is it so Important to See a Doctor Within 24 Hours of the Accident?

XRAY Louisville Car Accident Lawyer IN KYIf you chose not to be transported from the scene of the car accident it’s best to head to the ER or urgent care and get checked out.  Even if you think you are perfectly fine, at least go to your primary physician within 24 hours just to be sure.  I can hear you asking “Jim, why do you keep telling me to get checked out?  I’m ok!”

After many years as an injury attorney for insurance companies and for more than a decade working with those who are injured I can tell you:

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Many injuries takes weeks or even months to set in after a car accident.  Symptoms such as strains to muscles, ligaments and tendons and injury to the discs in your back and neck may not fully “present” for quite some time.  If you don’t go to the hospital, ER, urgent care or even your own doctor for a check up in 24 to 48 hours after the accident you can and will lose your ability to recover your medical bills, lost wages and financial compensation for all the pain and the burden of recovery later.

The insurance company will simply say “You said you were ok after the accident.  You told all your friends, your family, your co-workers and put it all over facebook and social media that you were ok.  Now, 3 to 4 weeks later you’re injured and you’re trying to say it was from the car accident?  You have probably hurt yourself somewhere else, and are trying to use the accident to get us to pay for it.”  What should be rightful claims are denied, and it may be too late.  This is why it is so important to see a doctor within 24 hours – get a “baseline” and start the documentation.  Your doctor can and will tell you what to expect and that you are actually injured.  Three weeks from now when you can’t move and are in tremendous pain requiring long-term medical treatment and therapy I’ll be able to help.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

This is also why it is so important to contact the Desmond Law Office to understand your rights and protect your interests.

What Types of Injuries Occur in a Car Crash?

Indiana Car Accident Attorney KentuckyThe power of an impact transfers into your body.  In most accidents, the injuries that result can be everything from damage to tendons and ligaments in your back and neck to injured, damaged or herniated discs.  Your head moved a lot more during the accident than you may remember, and many people suffer a concussion or more severe head trauma.  Injuries to the head and brain may take months to be evident to you and those around you.  Changes in your personality show up over time, and tasks that used to be easy for you may later become unmanageable.  In some cases a simple trip to the grocery store or multi-tasking at work results in confusion or anger.

Broken bones, fractures and more serious wounds will require extensive medical care, and ultimately physical and occupational therapy.  Significant head trauma can result in Traumatic Brain Injury often called TBI or closed-head injuries.  Who will pay the medical bills?  Who will reimburse you for all the work you’ll have to miss?  The insurance company of the person(s) responsible for your car accident will try to offer you a quick settlement.  In many cases they may try to hand you a check.  It is in your best interest not to accept it or sign anything.  Call me on my cell phone for a free consultation at 502-609-7657.

Serious and Permanent Injuries May Require a “Life Care Plan”

Louisville Serious Injury Paralysis Lawyer KY INHeavy impacts in a car crash can cause severe injuries resulting in permanent injuries.  This can include a loss in the range of motion of the hands, arms or legs, and in some cases amputation of digits or part of an arm or leg.  Damage to the spinal cord can result in paralysis.  The result of the car accident will require changes in daily life, as well as to the house and vehicles.  Some injury victims may require ramps into their homes, modifications to doors and equipment to help them through the day.  You may require changes to your car to help you drive, or a complex system to help load and unload a wheelchair.

It may not be possible for a person to go back to the work they were doing before.  These cases will require a “Life Care Plan.”  The Life Care Plan takes into account all of the medical needs of the patient for the foreseeable future as well as any other costs, expense or economic impact relating to the injuries received in the accident.  The plan takes many factors into account such as detailed documentation of the medical care, equipment, therapy and services need for the rest of the patient’s life.  The plan will include an analysis of the impact of the car accident on the patient’s ability to work and earn an income, and account for wages they would have received into the future if the accident had not occurred.  After all of the factors are analyzed and costs are established we must take other issues such as future interest rates and the cost of living increases in the future and factor that into one number.  This is the amount the insurance company will need to pay today to cover these things for the rest of the patient’s life.

There is Only One Chance to Resolve Your Insurance Injury Claim

This is why it is so important to contact me or call me immediately after your car accident.  All immediate medical expenses and those down the road must be accounted for.  I work to recover all of the income you have lost to date and into the future, as well as every other expense associated with recovery.  You have been forced to suffer the trauma of the accident and the pain that followed, as well as the complete interruption of your life.

The insurance companies in injury cases only make one payment.  You can’t go back afterward and say “I didn’t know (this) was going to happen, or (that cost) would come up.”

This is why it is so important to contact me or call me on my cell phone at 602-609-7657.

I GET IT! I understand that if you have been injured in a car wreck, you don’t know what to do!

You have friends telling you to contact their attorney, insurance companies telling you don’t need a lawyer and twenty injury attorneys on television promising you checks.

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