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Handling Car Accident Cases in Kentucky

Rather than do a lengthy blog on one car wreck topic, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the car accident cases that I handled in 2018.  Hopefully, each illustration demonstrates how one fact can affect the value and difficulty of pursuing a personal injury claim. Advantage of UIM Coverage - Client returned to my office for…Read More

While everyone thinks it will never happen to them, we all know car accidents happen no matter how carefully you might drive.  Nevertheless, you don’t ever want to be the one at fault for a car wreck.  Not only can you not recover your damages (i.e. the damage to your car, rental car expense, pain and suffering, etc.), if you…Read More

This has been an interesting week because I received several phone calls from individuals who caused a car accident AND were not properly insured at the time of the car wreck. Now these callers are at risk of a Default Judgment and more.  In a nutshell, the problem is that since they did not have valid car insurance at the…Read More

With the onset of Spring, motorcycles are back on the road in Kentucky. In fact, Kentucky has over 100,000 motorcycles registered.  It is estimated that nationwide over 80,000 motorcycle wrecks occur a year.  So how does the injured motorcyclist get his or her medical bills paid when Kentucky law only requires that a driver carry at least $25,000 per person…Read More

Posted below is answer I put on Avvo.com for an Indiana Car Wreck wherein the injured party did not have car insurance: On the issue of no insurance that's a criminal charge and I don't handle those kind of cases. You need to contact a criminal defense attorney. On the civil case, you have a personal injury claim against the…Read More

I just posted this answer on Avvo. In short, the question is what do you do about a rental car when the insurance company for the at-fault driver is claiming they can't get hold of their driver. On the police report, go to buy crash.com and see if you can print one up. If you can, fax it to the…Read More

WWW.EASYCARWRECK.COM I created a new website, EasyCarWreck.Com to make it easier for car accident victims to get immediate legal advice. On EasyCarWreck.com, a person only has to complete five questions to get a free, legal analysis within 24 hours. No commitment or fees. I will provide you with my legal analysis of your car wreck and how I can help you!…Read More

Remember that there is criminal law and civil law. Criminal law means the State can assert fines against you and possible make you serve jail time. Civil law means that you, the injured victim, have the right to recover money damages from the party that was negligent if their negligence injured you.  Yes, that is an oversimplification but accurate for…Read More

Someone posted a great question on a message-board I belong to.  Essentially, the person felt that they had a slam dunk case against their own uninsured motorist coverage.  For this reason, they questioned whether they should keep their personal injury attorney or fire him and save the contingency fee. I loved the question because it brings up so many areas…Read More

It is not surprising that personal injury lawyers have a less than perfect reputation. Every time you turn a television on, you see television commercials promising “big checks” or ”making the other guy pay.”  However, those ridiculous slogans are not really what personal injury law is all about. The legal system only allows you to recover money for the damages…Read More

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