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I’ll admit it, once in a while, it’s nice to be recognized for doing good work.  I received notification that a company called “Expertise” recently reviewed 153 car accident attorneys in Louisville.  The Desmond Law Office ranked among the top. The criteria was based on: Reputation Credibility Experience Availability Professionalism I’ve always tried to do outstanding work for my clients.…Read More

As an experienced Kentucky and Indiana personal injury attorney I can tell you passengers injured on a motorcycle typically have a personal injury claim against the motorcycle rider or the other vehicle that hit the motorcycle.  Motorcycle accidents happen quickly and usually result in serious injuries since there is less protection than a car.  A car changes lanes without warning,…Read More

Seat belts save lives, and reduce the severity of many injuries in a car crash.  We’re getting better, but Kentucky needs to buckle their seat belts more often.  In 2011, there were 537 people who lost their lives in Kentucky car wreck.  Only 230 of these individuals, or 43%, were wearing seat belts.  Most people killed in Kentucky car accidents…Read More

Car accidents at intersections often result in more serious and sometimes fatal injuries.  Most people may think the most dangerous and serious accidents occur on two lane rural highways, and they would be right.  Recent car crash data tells us a new trend is developing.  Why are accidents in an intersection more dangerous? One reason is the design of a…Read More

In Kentucky, holidays usually mean 3-day weekends and a possible road trip.  We have one coming up on Monday.  Unfortunately, with all of the drivers on our roads, we also have a high likelihood of Memorial Day accidents. There are reasons why holidays can spike the number of automobile collisions and even traffic fatalities.  It may be that in an…Read More

Did you know Louisville has about 150,000 dangerous cars on the road?  In a recent news story, Wave 3 reporter Eric Flack did a story on why drivers aren’t aware, or aren’t taking action, when their cars are part of a recall. Manufacturers issue recalls after a safety issue has been identified.  This may have to do with a defective…Read More

Spring has definitely arrived in Kentucky.  Summer will be here before you know it.  Is your motorcycle ready for the road trip?  If you haven’t had time to get your bike out of the garage, remember that there are a few things you should consider. Many of the motorcycle training programs mention the acronym T-CLOCS.  It was created by the…Read More

What does it mean to stack insurance coverage in a Louisville area injury accident under Kentucky or Indiana Law?  Kentucky law allows stacking of uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits depending upon how the insurance policy is written. Indiana does not allow insurance policies to be stacked. Simply put, stacking refers to recovering insurance polices from more than one applicable policy.…Read More

To explain ERISA (The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) and how it affects your medical bills and financial recovery in a simple fashion can be challenging, but its important to understand.  ERISA is the law that governs the rights of health insurance carriers. If your medical bills from injuries in a car accident were paid by health insurance of…Read More

Car accidents in Kentucky and Indiana are rarely "straight forward."  Each case is unique and the circumstances, witnesses, and even applicable laws are different based upon where and how the crash happened.  Insurance companies will always try to minimize the amount the pay, and that is usually at the expense of someone who is hurt.  This is why you need…Read More

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