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I just got out of a deposition this morning and the client did pretty well. However, defense counsel pulled out and questioned her about 9 posts from Facebook that had nothing to do with her injuries or the lawsuit. Basically, there were a lot of inferences based upon events or statements that someone would not have normally related to the…Read More

I am handling a case that I will blog more about later.  However, for the moment, let me tell you that my client was hit by a car while he was walking in a crosswalk and there appears to be limited insurance coverage on the at-fault driver. My client has been hospitalized at the University of Louisville Hospital since the…Read More

I signed up a client recently that was hit by a car while riding a motor scooter. After we met and I began to represent him as his lawyer, he solicited a personal injury settlement from the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver. He did not inform me of this and it escapes me as to why he bothered to…Read More

I am going to make this blog short as I have preached about this subject a 100 times over. However, I still believe that this is one of the most important issues facing any personal injury claim stemming from a car wreck or a motorcycle accident. In short, I settled a personal injury claim this week for the maximum insurance…Read More

Hmm? Good question.   Nine of ten times I have to tell a client “No!”  Today, to my own surprise, I had to suggest to a client that she accept an early settlement of her personal injury claim. I represented this lady for another car wreck about six months back and she was just involved in a second car wreck over…Read More

I had a phone call the other day in regard to a motorcycle wreck that happened in Corydon, Indiana.  While I had about a thirty-minute phone call with the injured motorcyclist, I have not signed him up as a client yet. Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you some of the issues that are immediately present for motorcycle accidents, or…Read More

Two days in a row, State Farm's phone system says "We are experiencing extremely high call volume, please call back another day." Really? If these companies are going to spend all this money on advertising to get you to insure with them, they can at least make sure they have the proper means of addressing your personal injury claim.Read More

I signed up a mother injured in a car wreck in Louisville, Kentucky last week.  The problem is that the mother was driving a car owned by her daughter.  Consequently, even though the driver/client was not at fault in causing the car wreck, I have to use the daughter’s automobile insurance to pay my client’s medical bills.   This is why…Read More

I had a phone call earlier today from a young man who had been hurt in an automobile accident in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  He already had a personal injury lawyer so I was limited in what information I could tell him.  However, I knew this personal injury lawyer from when I went to law school in Lexington and I knew…Read More

Top 10 Mistakes You Can Make in Handling Your Own Automobile Injury Claim 10) Don’t go to the doctor.  The injury claim lives and dies on the contents of your medical records. If you don’t go to the doctor, it appears you must not have been in pain. 9) Not having the right kind of insurance before the claim occurs.…Read More

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