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1) Get rid of any deductible you have against your no-fault or PIP coverage. You CAN NOT recover that deductible from the at-fault’s insurance company, and you might have saved $30 a year for a deductible that just cost you $1,000. 2) You can use either your own car insurance, i.e. your collision coverage, or the at-fault’s drivers’ insurance to…Read More

Posted below is answer I put on for an Indiana Car Wreck wherein the injured party did not have car insurance: On the issue of no insurance that's a criminal charge and I don't handle those kind of cases. You need to contact a criminal defense attorney. On the civil case, you have a personal injury claim against the…Read More

I just posted this answer on Avvo. In short, the question is what do you do about a rental car when the insurance company for the at-fault driver is claiming they can't get hold of their driver. On the police report, go to buy and see if you can print one up. If you can, fax it to the…Read More

WWW.EASYCARWRECK.COM I created a new website, EasyCarWreck.Com to make it easier for car accident victims to get immediate legal advice. On, a person only has to complete five questions to get a free, legal analysis within 24 hours. No commitment or fees. I will provide you with my legal analysis of your car wreck and how I can help you!…Read More

Remember that there is criminal law and civil law. Criminal law means the State can assert fines against you and possible make you serve jail time. Civil law means that you, the injured victim, have the right to recover money damages from the party that was negligent if their negligence injured you.  Yes, that is an oversimplification but accurate for…Read More

What does it mean to stack insurance coverage in a Louisville area injury accident under Kentucky or Indiana Law?  Kentucky law allows stacking of uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits depending upon how the insurance policy is written. Indiana does not allow insurance policies to be stacked. Simply put, stacking refers to recovering insurance polices from more than one applicable policy.…Read More