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I would tell you don’t sign any kind of release presented to you by the insurance company. Also, take photographs of any bruises or cuts you suffered as a result of the wreck. Usually, scars are a component of my client’s pain and suffering a claim. If you have any questions then you should call your Louisville Motorcycle Accident Victims Rights lawyer today for a free consultation.

Who Is At Fault If A Car Turned Left In Front Of Me While I Was Riding My Motorcycle?

The car turned left in front of you. You had the right of way so the driver of the car would be considered at fault for the wreck. However, remember something, just because someone is at fault for a motorcycle wreck does not mean that they have enough insurance coverage to pay your medical bills. Those injured in motorcycle wrecks tend to have pretty high medical expenses and the car can be insured for as little as $25,000 per person.

Do I Need Additional Insurance Coverage If I Ride My Motorcycle Occasionally?

Yes, a lot of car insurance policies do not cover you while you are riding your motorcycle. More importantly, since a motorcycle offers no protection to its rider in the event of wreck, motorcyclists tend to have worst injuries and higher medical expenses. How are you going to get treatment for those injuries and your medical bills paid if you don’t have the right kind of insurance coverage? Whether you ride your motorcycle all the time or just occasionally, you need to have the right kind of insurance to protect you in case of a serious wreck.

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Can I Still Recover Damages If I Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet In A Motorcycle Accident?

Yes, the fact that you did not have a helmet will most likely not affect your claim. The only way it would affect your claim is if you suffered a head injury that the defense could show would not have occurred if you had been wearing a helmet.

The Insurance For The Driver Who Hit Me Says It Will Send A Check For My Motorcycle Accident Right Away. Should I Accept It?

As long as the check is limited to the cost of repairing your motorcycle or the value of the motorcycle, it is fine to accept the check. If the check, or an accompanying release, in any way addressed your medical bills, your lost wages or your pain and suffering claim, you would not want to accept it.

How Do I Pay Medical Bills From My Motorcycle Accident While Waiting For A Lawsuit To Be Resolved?

Most of the time, I will allow my client’s health insurance carrier to pay my client’s medical bills. The downside of doing this is the client gets stuck paying their co-pays and deductibles just like a normal medical bill. Also, the health insurance has what is known as subrogation lien which means that they have a right to recover, from the personal injury settlement, any amounts they pay for your medical expenses. However, the health plan’s right is to recover the amounts they pay out, not the billed amount of the medical expense. So by using my client’s health insurance, we can take a $30,000 hospital bill for example and reduce it to say $10,000 because the health insurance previously negotiated a reduced amount with the hospital. In effect, we are taking a dollar bill and stretching it which means more money in my client’s pocket.

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