Louisville Kentucky Area Accident Injury Lawyer

I am Attorney James “Jim” Desmond, an experienced injury attorney handling car wrecks and motorcycle accidents in Kentucky and Indiana.  Unlike some injury lawyer on television who has some catchy slogan,  you will deal directly with me; an experienced personal injury lawyer with over 20 years of experience.  At the Desmond Law Office, you won’t deal with a paralegal, secretary or a case manager.  Instead, you get legal advice directly from your injury lawyer without someone telling you “he will call you back”.  Do you know that the biggest bar complaint against lawyers is not legal malpractice but instead, a lack of communication?  You were the one hurt in the car wreck and you took the time to find the right personal injury lawyer for the job.  So why in the world should your attorney not take your phone call and try to provide you with information about the handling of your personal injury claim?   If you were hurt in a car wreck, you need experienced advice directly from your personal injury lawyer, not a case manager or paralegal!

None of us expect to have car wrecks or be injured when we hop on a friend’s motorcycle or run to the Circle K for a pack of cigarettes. Every day, people plan for their retirement, staying healthy and even preventing disability.  However,  no one ever thinks that they could be severely injured in a car wreck and everyone has this totally incorrect idea that “the guy who caused the car wreck is going to be responsible for all my medical expenses.”  Wrong!  (This blog helps explain the law in regard to that issue, http://www.attorneydesmond.com/why-is-underinsured-motorist-insurance-important/.) That’s now how the law works!  There is nothing in the law that guarantees the other guy is going to be responsible for all your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages or lost time from work.  Let’s face the fact that Kentucky and Indiana motor vehicle law is not fair even if it attempts to be so.

The other thing that happens is we get bombarded by television lawyers who promise “big checks”, “justice” or  “making the other guy pay” while friends try to tell us their personal injury lawyer is the best.  I have a simple solution for all that.  Judge for yourself!.  Meet with an attorney you are considering hiring, not their paralegal or secretary.  My cell phone is (502) 609-7657.  Call me or text me.  I will answer it, not anyone else. I have used my cell phone, and this same number since my law firm started in 2005.  Let’s discuss your concerns, personally, and you judge for yourself whether I can help you handle your personal injury claim.

If you were injured in a motorcycle wreck or have been in an automobile accident, it is normal to feel confused because chances are you have never dealt with a personal injury claim before now.  I have been practicing law in Kentucky and Indiana since 1994 and I have concentrated exclusively on car wrecks since about the year 1999.

Throughout this website, I try to put a lot of good, legal information about car wrecks and the injuries that can result from them. There are a lot of laws to address and it is not the most exciting subject matter.  This is why I put my cell phone out on the Internet. I want you, the car wreck victim, to be able to get your questions answered quickly and by an experienced, personal injury attorney. You have the legal questions because someone else, through their negligence, caused a wreck with your motor vehicle. You should be able to get answers directly from your lawyer; not someone hired to pick up a phone and ask you twenty questions. I don’t believe in case managers or paralegals.  I will pick up my phone personally and WE will discuss whether I can help you.

My cell phone is (502) 609-7657 and yes, I will pick up on the weekends as well.


I GET IT! I understand that if you have been injured in a car wreck, you don’t know what to do!

You have friends telling you to contact their attorney, insurance companies telling you don’t need a lawyer and twenty injury attorneys on television promising you checks.

This is why you can reach me on my call phone, NOW! 502-609-7657