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So What Happens if I Drive My Motorcycle Outside the State it’s Insured In?

This can actually be a very complicated question that could take an entire book by itself to answer. This area of the law is known as Conflicts of Law and it addresses when a Court of Law is going to apply its own law versus the law of another state. However, as a general rule, the answer is that the insurance coverage you buy in your state follows you to other States. In the case of a policy of motorcycle insurance, that insurance policy is controlled by the law of the state it was issued so the benefits you purchased in the state the motorcycle is registered in follow you and are available to you in the State where the motorcycle wreck occurred.

So if the motorcycle is registered and licensed in Kentucky and motorcycle wreck happens while you are riding through Indiana, the motorcycle insurance coverage you purchased in Kentucky still applies and protects you for the injuries sustained in the motorcycle wreck that happened in Indiana. While Indiana law may control the law in regard to the motorcycle wreck including when you can have to file your lawsuit and what you can or can not recover for pain and suffering from the at-fault driver, Kentucky law, in regard to your motorcycle insurance policy, will still control and provide you with the benefits you purchased.

This is a complicated area of the law and I would encourage you to call me if you think your case presents a Conflicts of Law Issue. However, you should know this. Purchase in your home state the insurance coverage you need to protect you and your family and it should follow you to any other state you travel in.

Can the Desmond Law Office, PLLC, Help if My Motorcycle Wreck Happened Outside of Kentucky or Indiana?

I am only licensed to practice law in Kentucky and Indiana. As a result, if your car wreck or motorcycle accident happened in another state, I will have to refer you to local counsel for that state to handle your personal injury claim. However, I still want you to call me. First, the phone call is free and I can tell you what I think is going on with the claim. Second, I am not going to give you the name of another injury lawyer unless I would let him handle a personal injury claim for myself.

Further, I might decide to co-counsel your case with this other attorney, but that decision depends upon the circumstances of each case. Regardless, I will use my resources to try and find you someone that you can trust. I will do my best to find you an attorney who can provide you with competent legal services and whom other attorneys recommend.

Don’t just trust your personal injury claim to anyone. Make sure it is someone whom other attorneys respect and who would allow them to handle a claim for their own family members.

Whom Should I NOT Trust about My Motorcycle Accident?

The simple answer is anyone you don’t know. Nowadays, when a motor vehicle accident happens, people will show up at the scene or call you as they found your name on the police report. They will try to act like they have your best interests in mind and what to help you find the right doctor or that your insurance company wants you to go see this particular doctor.

I call these people “bird-doggers” as their real intent is to get you connected with an attorney or a chiropractor for their own profit. They also may promise to loan you money against your case. Hang up the phone and walk away from them!

Make sure you know whom you are dealing with. If they say they represent an insurance company, make them prove it. You want your attorney to have your best interests in mind and no one else’s. These bird-doggers are claiming to help you are doing so only because they get paid to get you to a certain doctor or lawyer. Avoid them at all costs! While I may like to deal with certain doctor offices, I make it very clear to all the doctors that you are my client and my loyalty runs to you. You are my client and according to the rules of law, I must always act in your best interests. Make sure that anyone who is working on your behalf understands the importance of that statement.