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Personal Injury Settlement is Inclusive of Medical Bills

Accident injury settlement medical bills best Louisville injury lawyerSomeone brought up a good point to me recently regarding personal injury settlements. In short, most personal injury settlements are inclusive of the medical bills or medical liens. For Kentucky car wrecks, one of the few exceptions is Kentucky no-fault carriers. Settlements are generally exclusive of the no-fault lien which means that they do not include the bills paid by the no-fault carrier. So for the vast majority of settlements, the settlements include medical bills and liens generated because of the bills generated from the car wreck.

FYI, if the medical bills far exceed the available insurance coverage, you can potentially have your health insurance pay the medical expenses and then address their lien out of the settlement. The advantage being that usually the health insurance has a reduced, contracted rate with the medical provider. So if the hospital bill is for $30,000 and the health insurance pays out $10,000 to satisfy that bill, the health insurance may have the right to recover the $10,000 from your personal injury claim. However, a $10,000 payment, that could possibly be negotiated down, takes less dollars from your personal injury claim than a $30,000 medical bill.

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