What Should I Do To Protect My Rights In A Motorcycle Accident? What Should I Do To Protect My Rights In A Motorcycle Accident?
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If you’ve been in an accident, don’t sign any kind of release. Take photographs of any cuts, bruises, or lacerations that you might have experienced in the wreck.

If A Car Turned Left In Front Of Me When I Was Riding My Motorcycle, Who Is At Fault For The Collision?

If a car turned in front of you, the car is at fault. If someone is turning left, they have a duty to yield the right of way. If you have the right of way, you would not be considered at fault. Generally, when I deal with motorcycle wrecks, my clients are severely injured and have high medical bills. The fact that the other driver is at fault doesn’t necessarily mean he has enough insurance coverage to cover your medical bills.

Do I Need Additional Insurance Coverage If I Only Ride A Motorcycle Recreationally On Weekends?

Most likely, your car insurance has an exclusion that will not cover you while you are riding your motorcycle. If you are involved in a serious wreck on a motorcycle, the question is how we can get your medical bills paid. We can only do that if, before the accident happens, you put the right kind of insurance on your motorcycle. The right kind of insurance is typically uninsured and underinsured coverage of at least $100,000 per person.

Can I Still Recover Damages If I Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet When I Got Involved In A Motorcycle Wreck?

The fact that you don’t have a helmet on doesn’t mean that you don’t have a claim for pain and suffering. It probably won’t come into play at all. It would only come into play if you had a head injury and the defense can show that if you had worn a helmet, you wouldn’t have suffered that head injury.

The Insurance Company For The Party That Hit Me Said It Can Send Me a Check For My Motorcycle Accident Right Away. Should I Accept It?

If a check from the insurance company is offered to take care of the repair costs of your motorcycle or its value, you can accept it. If it addresses anything else, you don’t want to accept it because then you are resolving your personal injury claim by accepting that check and signing the release that would be with it.

What Can I Expect To Recover In A Personal Injury Lawsuit Over a Motorcycle Accident?

The total recovery of your personal injury claim can depend upon many factors, including how much insurance the driver had, how much the medical bills are, and whether we can reduce your medical bills by getting your health insurance to pay them. If your health insurance does pay them, do they have a subrogation lien against your settlement? All these are things that we don’t know until at least 30-60 days after we bring a motorcycle case into our office. Once we get all these questions answered, then we can sit down with the client and give them an idea as to what our game plan is and what we can ultimately recover on their pain and suffering claim.

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